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Metalleghe Group is one of the most active players in the international market. Production and sales factories form part of Metalleghe Group and guarantee quality of the product, know-how and competitiveness.

The Group’s companies have at their disposal advanced laboratories for analysis, checking and testing.

A network of experts guarantees a high-profile technical service to meet customers’ requirements, offering top-level international experience.

Italy: Metalleghe

Production of Ferroalloys, Carbon products and Additives for steel plants and foundries.

Italy: Esart

Copper components for metallurgical processes.

France: Eurometa

Marketing of Ferroalloys and Carbon products, production of foundry briquettes.

Bosnia: Bsi

Production of Silicon Metal and Silica Fume.

Bosnia: RS-Silicon

Production of Silicon Metal and Silica Fume (plant under construction in Republika Srpska)

Italy: Effedue

Sorting, processing and start recycling ferrous and non ferrous scarp.

Metalleghe production

Our products

  • Ferroalloys, carbon products and additives
  • Copper components
  • Foundry briquettes
  • Silicon Metal
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